luca Bondi

CEO – Co Founder

Luca Bondi was born in 1973.

He graduated in Interior and Urban Design and later on got married and became a father to two children.

In 2001 he started working for the telecommunications field to represent the Italian branch of Verizon, a huge world player also featured in the FORTUNE 500 list. His goal was to manage their international MPLS, with a particular focus on the financial sector.

In 2004 he began the collaboration with Colt, a British multinational company with offices in Europe, USA and Asia, always with a focus on the financial sector.

In October 2013 he founded a small Italian telecommunications company in order to meet the needs of the B2B market. Today, he’s recognized as a professional in the field and he’s focused on the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Currently, he’s a consultant for Colt, Verizon, Fibering and various companies in the field of international interconnections.

In 2013 he co-founded Volcan Software and began to manage and develop the partner team, declaring the official start of sales in February 2020.

Alessandro De Pasquale

Trader Manager – Co Founder

Alessandro De Pasquale was born in 1982.
He graduated in Computer Science and Electronics, married and father of two daughters. From an early age, he developed a keen interest for the currency market. Later on, he started working as system integrator for the Italian public administration.
He’s been trading stocks since 2002 and over the years he also became an expert in developing IT systems for the financial industry. He is co-founder of Volcan Software and he’s responsible for the management of our international team of traders and programmers.

Boris Secciani

Risk Manager

Boris Secciani was born in 1974.
He graduated from Bocconi University in Political Economics, a course that enhanced his expertise in quantitative methods. Later on, he got married and became a father to a son. Currently he’s the Head of the Research Department of Fondi & Sicav, the foremost asset management Italian company. www.fondiesicav.it
In 2018 GARP — the most prestigious Office of Professions of the industry — certified him as Financial Risk Manager. www.garp.org
In 2017 he took active part of Volcan Software with the intent of analyzing our operational risks impartially.

Ferdinando Gelosa

Volcan can also count on the expertise of Ferdinando Gelosa, who’s been CEO of FA Capital S.p.A for over a decade. The company is majority owned by funds advised by Goldman Sachs.
From the very beginning, Ferdinando Gelosa is Luca Bondi’s motivator and personal consultant. In 2015 he also started to draft Volcan Software’s contracts. Because of his enormous experience in the sector, he’s in charge of promoting potential partnerships between Volcan Software and other institutional operators in the field.