Volcan Software is a trading company that operates in the currency market. We specialize in the development of Expert Advisors and we trade only the most performing crosses. We have chosen to focus on this asset because we believe that becoming experts in a specific subject is key to achieving excellent performance.

Since our aim is to get outstanding performances in our field, we have established a 24/7 method of supervision and management of all operations. This is made possible both by our team — who is spread throughout Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan and Pakistan, covering different time zones — and several software alerts.
Besides our trading skills, we have twenty years of experience in the field of telecommunications for the financial sector, especially dealing with international optical fiber, MPLS management, Data Center management and network integration systems. We can therefore count on many different providers to offer our customers redundant servers in Data Centers, in order to avoid expensive down-time. In fact, we are able to restore a server from a complete disaster in a 15 minutes time.